Nemes Mária

  1. I (see) this film last Tuesday.
  2. You (find) your pen yet?
  3. Jane (go) home and (have) dinner alone.
  4. I first (meet) Kate at a school party.
  5. When I (live) in England, I (have) a good time.
  6. Fred always (work) in this factory?
  7. The dog (bring) back the ball.
  8. We not (order) our meal yet.
  9. Charles (be) ill, so he (have to) go to hospital.
  10. I (finish) this letter.
  11. How old (be) your grandfather when he (die)?
  12. Mandy (go) to the disco and (meet) her friends there.
  13. I (stop) smoking five years ago.
  14. You ever (see) a crocodile?
  15. I (have) a good time with Jane at the party, but we not (meet) since then.
  16. Fred not (arrive) yet.
  17. When Jack’s wife (leave) him, he not (want) to live any longer.
  18. I not (see) a good film since last month.

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